Window on America in Poltava 

have joined to #MILWeek2018. Today in our center we had Speed English and spoke about 

#StopFake#Medialiteracy #Bias

Світлина від Window on America in Poltava.

Our questions were:
* How much time do you spend on Social Media?
* What kind of Media do you use?
* The media is all around us, and many people are so media illiterate that they don't even notice the subliminal effects it has on them.
* What do you know about FAKE?
* How you check an information?
* Media literacy is what allows us to understand media manipulation and find reliable sources?
* How often you use your critical thinking?
* Being media literate will allow teens and adolescents to understand the dangers about the media's bad influences, like drugs and alcohol, and make better decisions.
* What kind of manipulations in news do you know?
* Media Literacy is a person's ability to critically analyze and understand the truth behind many of the manipulations caused by the various forms of media.
* Name three reasons why it is good to be a media literate?

You could use this questions in your presentation about Media Literacy)
Світлина від Window on America in Poltava.
And also interesting video MEDIA LITERACY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQMSKRrDjB4&t=151s