Welcome to Mafia in

 Window on America in Poltava

Mafia a rite-playing game in which players become characters suspected of having Mafia connections. 

Today Dustin T. Wittman - #WOAPoltavaVolunteer divided all visitors into two teams: the Honest and the Mafia. For the Honest team players, the task is to stop Mafia before it eliminates them. Mafia members have to hide their identity and pose as Honest players in order to manipulate the other team players towards self-destruction. It is in each player's best interest to prove his or her innocence (or if you are a Mafia member, to hide your guilt) by accusing and interrogating their fellow suspects until all members of the opposing team are eliminated from the game.
For all, who was present today (students, teachers, translators, NGO representatives, engineers) the game Mafia was a good English language practice.
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